BAOOT Conducts Training Courses on Ozone Therapy

The Bulgarian Association of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (BAOOT) recently conducted two training seminars on the basics of ozone therapy in medicine practice. They were divided in theoretical and practical part. The teaching courses were held in Sofia, Bulgaria, and were led by Prof. Shelev and Dr. Petreshkovski, leading experts in ozone therapy. The four participants in the first (2022) and the five participants in the second course (2023) finished successfully and received certificate for work with ozone treatment methods. 

The training course has BAOOT improved teaching program and the certificate is given after completing written exam test covered a wide range of topics, including the mechanisms of action of ozone, and the clinical applications of ozone therapy.

Prof Shelev and Dr. Petreshkovski also discussed the safety and efficacy of ozone therapy, ways of application, and they answered questions from the participants.

The participants expressed a high level of interest in ozone therapy, and they were eager to learn more about its working rules and benefits in the practice.

The seminar was well-attended by healthcare professionals who are interested in incorporating ozone therapy into their practices.

BAOOT is committed to educating healthcare professionals about the basics and working rules and benefits of ozone therapy. The association plans to conduct more training courses in the future, and it will also be providing educational materials on its website.

Training Courses, Sofia 2023