BAOOT Held a Seminar on Ozone Therapy in Hissarya

The Bulgarian Association of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (BAOOT) recently held a seminar on the application of ozone therapy in the treatment of various health conditions (June,11-12th 2022). The event was held in Hissarya, Bulgaria, and was led by Dr. Shelev, the Chairman of our Management Board and leading expert in ozone therapy.

The seminar covered a wide range of topics,  the mechanisms of action of ozone, and the clinical applications of ozone therapy. Prof. Shelev also discussed the safety and efficacy of ozone therapy, and he answered questions from the participants.

“I was very pleased to be invited to speak at the BAOOT seminar on ozone therapy. I was impressed by the level of interest in ozone therapy among the participants, and I was happy to be able to share my knowledge and experience with them. I believe that ozone therapy is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of health conditions, and I am confident that it will become even more widely used in the future.” said Dr. Shelev.

“The seminar was very well-organized, and the content was comprehensive and informative. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about ozone therapy.” said one of the attendees. 

BAOOT is committed to educating healthcare professionals about the benefits of ozone therapy. The association plans to hold more seminars in the future, and it will also be providing educational materials on its website.

Training Seminar, Hissarya, 2022